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Stas Rivkin @ {CODE MOTION} Rome


Rx.Net from the inside-out

Writing a truly non-blocking, maintainable code shouldn’t be a giant headache. As developers we strive to write features bundled up into a single, readable and testable block of code and today’s technologies greatly help us. From .NET events to Task Parallel Library, we can craft complex features. But, unfortunately, having that many different technologies, we lack the possibility of composing (easily) between them. In this session, you will learn about the core fundamentals which construct the Rx API and how it provides a single, uniform language that abstracts away all sources of events.

Language: English
Level: Intermediate

Stas Rivkin is a Software Consultant at CodeValue, Ltd. He has been developing complex client applications for more than 6 years, his key strength is with C# development. Stas also worked at Astea, Ltd. as a senior software engineer. Where he led the refactoring of a 10-year-old legacy system. He consider himself as a reactive programming junkie.