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Windows Internals

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The Windows OS exposes many advanced services to system programmers through the Windows API, and to device driver writers through the Kernel API. The .NET framework wraps these services and runs on top of the Windows API and the Kernel. Good knowledge of what’s going on under the hood of the OS, which services are available and how to best utilize them helps in building better and more efficient software for Windows. This course discusses the internal workings of Windows and its exposed services, so they can be leveraged better by you!

Target Audience

Experienced windows programmers, interested in writing better programs, by getting a deeper understanding of the internal mechanisms of the windows operating system, as exposed by the Windows API and the Kernel API.


Basic knowledge of OS concepts and architecture. Practical experience developing windows application C/C++ knowledge is an advantage


Understand the underlying mechanism and advanced services of the windows OS and use that knowledge to write better and more efficient programs on windows 7, 8, Server 2008/R2 & 2012.