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Software Architecture for the Windows & .NET Developer

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Software architecture is about identifying and defining the building blocks- the software components, and the relationship between those components. Designing large scale, high quality software system is a mix of art and science. In this course the participant will learn the nature of the software product; How to capture and understand the functional and non-functional requirements, how to handle the constraints; how to analyze the problem domain and how to find the right solution that captures the current and future needs. This course provides the knowledge and tools that the modern architect must have in order to manage a nowadays project complexity. The course shows the software product life cycle and explain the role of the architect in each of these phases.

Target Audience

Experienced windows programmers and solution architects, interested in architecting and designing high quality enterprise level solutions targeting on premise and cloud on Microsoft Platforms


Deep knowledge of Windows OS development platform Practical experience developing windows application


Understand the underlying architecture and design principles for developing high quality large scale line of business applications