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Advanced WPF 4.x

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WPF, the leading .NET technology for smart client applications, is very different from Windows Forms. Attaining a good grasp of WPF is usually slow, and utilizing it effectively is challenging. This instructor led course is intended for developers already familiar with WPF, increasing their knowledge and understanding of the way WPF works and emphasizing the proper way to leverage its capabilities. Throughout the course, best practices are discussed and demonstrated, so students can master this exciting and capable technology. Labs are given to enhance understanding and put the principles learned, into practice.

Target Audience

Experienced WPF developers, wanting to get a deeper understanding of the technology, as well as practical techniques for better utilizing the platform.


At least 6 months of experience with WPF Good acquaintance of WPF concepts: XAML, dependency properties, routed events, resources, data binding, data and control templates, layout and panels, basic controls


Understand the WPF philosophy and design Create look less custom controls Understand advanced data binding issues Use the MVVM for decoupled, maintainable apps Customize existing controls effectively Understand performance issues in WPF