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Advanced .NET with C#

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The Microsoft .NET platform provides incredible productivity with the C# language and the Base Class Library. Correct utilization of the various CLR facilities with their attributes and tradeoffs is not obvious, however. This course provides in-depth coverage of advanced C# and CLR mechanisms, allowing experienced C# developers lever the full power of the C# language and the CLR.

Target Audience

Experienced C# developers who want to upgrade their skills and deepen their understanding of the C# language and the .NET platform.


Basic C# knowledge is a must. At least 6 months of .NET development is required.


Understand reflection and its uses Understand and use generic types effectively Manage memory and non-memory resources effectively Understand and use delegates and events Understand what are AppDomains and how to use them Build effective multithreading applications Use the Task Parallel Library effectively Use thread synchronization primitives effectively Understand and use the C# 5.0 async programming model Understand the LINQ family of technologies and how to use it